Pioneering Sustainability: The Harte Outdoor Lighting Approach

At Harte Outdoor Lighting, we've always believed in looking to the future while honoring our past. Since our inception, sustainability has been at the core of everything we do. As we continue to evolve, we're proud to stand as a beacon of responsible manufacturing and environmental stewardship in the lighting industry.

Quality That Endures

Unlike some manufacturers who design products with a limited lifespan, we take a different approach. We design for a lifetime. Our commitment to durability and longevity is unwavering, which is why we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our cast iron components. When you choose Harte Outdoor Lighting, you're not just investing in a fixture—you're investing in a legacy that will stand the test of time.

Embracing the Circular Economy

In recent years, we've challenged ourselves to think differently about sustainability. Instead of focusing solely on creating new materials, we've shifted our mindset to embrace the principles of the circular economy. Our goal is simple: to minimize waste and maximize the lifespan of our products.

The Harte Circular Economy strategy is built on three key pillars:

  1. Reusing old product parts to make a new product: Rather than discarding old components, we repurpose them to create new fixtures. By giving new life to existing materials, we reduce our environmental footprint and promote resource efficiency.

  2. Refurbishing old products: Our commitment to sustainability doesn't end when a product leaves our workshop. Through our refurbishment program, we breathe new life into aging fixtures, extending their lifespan and minimizing waste.

  3. Repairing products: In a throwaway culture where repair is often overlooked, we're proud to offer comprehensive repair services for our products. From minor fixes to extensive renovations, our skilled artisans are dedicated to keeping your lighting fixtures shining bright for years to come.

A Brighter Future, Together

As we forge ahead into a future shaped by environmental consciousness and responsible manufacturing, we invite you to join us on our journey. Whether you're a homeowner, designer, or business owner, your choices matter. By choosing Harte Outdoor Lighting, you're not just choosing quality craftsmanship—you're choosing sustainability, innovation, and a commitment to a brighter future for generations to come.

Together, let's illuminate the path to a more sustainable world—one light at a time.

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