Made to last a lifetime

Harte Outdoor Lighting is a family run business based in New Ross, Co. Wexford has been designing and manufacturing high quality cast iron lighting and products since 1983.

Four decades of craft

Our outdoor lighting is made from the highest quality materials including recycled iron and steel, creating superior classics.

Hot molten iron is poured into a cast pattern or design, this hot material fills and forms the shape of each design. This process has been in our DNA since our foundation in 1983.

Made with real hands, not machines

Our products are carefully inspected and assembled by the many skilled hands of our team. This workflow ensures consistently outstanding quality and durability.

We’re passionate about paint

We’re passionate about paint! We’ve invested time and resources into sourcing and mixing only the best quality paint. Every product in our workshop is primed, undercoated and glossed for a superior finish. This process ensures our products can withstand some of the harshest weather.

The skilled crafts people here do everything

Once the products are dry they are sent to our glazing and electrical workshop for the final assembly, the skilled crafts people here do everything from lantern glazing to LED panel assembly.

One last final check is completed and its over to our packaging department for labeling and delivery.

Lifetime Guarantee

* Our outdoor lighting is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

At Harte Outdoor Lighting, we are proud of the quality and workmanship of our products. The term “cast iron guarantee” is not a figure of speech for us; we want our products to enhance your property for a lifetime and beyond. Harte Outdoor Lighting Limited guarantees that, under normal conditions, the cast iron and steel elements of our products will never crack, bend, or break. We also guarantee that the product is free from defects in material and workmanship at the time of dispatch from our workshop.

Terms & Conditions

This warranty applies only to the cast iron and steel parts of Harte Outdoor Lighting products installed above ground in accordance with industry standards and where the original surface treatment is intact. Exclusions: products that are scratched, scored, covered with silicone, cement, or any other material, or that have suffered impacts or various chemical treatments. This warranty also excludes any phenomenon that may modify the aspect of the covering over time, natural dirt, deposits of all types, etc. 


In the unlikely event for the warranty to apply, the part(s)/product(s) concerned must be returned to our workshop. No exchange prior to this return can be considered. Harte Outdoor Lighting will only replace the damaged part and not the entire product, net of carriage costs as well as costs relating to the assembly and installation. Harte Outdoor Lighting reserves the right to analyse or to have analysed, by any method of its choice, the damage caused by corrosion, in order to determine the authenticity and the conditions of the said damage. In any event, this warranty does not apply to the various electrical components and accessories of the product.


This lifetime guarantee does not affect your statutory rights, the lifetime guarantee does not apply to any other metal products such as copper & aluminium.

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