Reviving History: The Restoration of Vintage German Wall Lights by Harte Outdoor Lighting
Preserving the past is a noble endeavour, especially when it comes to architectural treasures. At Harte Outdoor Lighting, we recently had the privilege of restoring six antique wall lights that originated from Germany, believed to date back to the 1940s. These fascinating pieces, with their gothic allure, had seen better days. Made from steel, the ravages of time and neglect had taken their toll, as evident from the photos. However, with dedication and expertise, we were able to breathe new life into these historic fixtures. The restoration process was a labor of love that required the combined efforts of our skilled team. Lee took charge of meticulously stripping away layers of paint, patiently revealing the original steel underneath. It was a delicate task that demanded both precision and care to avoid damaging the underlying structure. Simultaneously, Frank lent his expertise in welding to recreate and repair key components of the lanterns. With his skilled hands, he ensured that every detail was faithfully restored, paying homage to the original design. Next, the lights were handed over to Des and Ryan in our spray shop. With their expert touch, they diligently applied undercoats and glossed all the parts, restoring the timeless beauty of these fixtures with a lustrous black finish. The transformation was remarkable, as the once-rusted steel now gleamed with elegance. In the final assembly stage, Eamon and Mark, our master craftsmen, meticulously re-glazed the lanterns using hand-cut glass. Their expertise and attention to detail allowed for a seamless integration of the glass panes, ensuring a flawless appearance. A small amount of silicone was carefully applied to secure the glass in place, creating a sturdy and visually stunning result. At Harte Outdoor Lighting, we are passionate about the restoration of vintage lanterns. Over the years, we have worked on numerous extraordinary projects, but this particular endeavour holds a special place in our hearts. The process of reviving these old German wall lights allowed us to connect with history and showcase our commitment to preserving architectural heritage. We take great pride in the final outcome of the restoration project, and we believe the accompanying photos speak for themselves. The once dilapidated and rusted lanterns have been completely transformed, resembling their former glory. The sheer beauty and craftsmanship that emanate from these fixtures are a testament to the dedication and skill of our team at Harte Outdoor Lighting. Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of this endeavour was the satisfaction of our customer, who essentially received a brand-new set of lights. Knowing that we played a part in reviving these historical pieces and bringing joy to our customer's home is the ultimate reward for our team's hard work and expertise. We extend our deepest gratitude to all the individuals involved in this restoration project at Harte Outdoor Lighting. Their unwavering commitment, passion, and craftsmanship have not only preserved a piece of history but also created a lasting legacy for future generations to admire. As we continue our journey of preserving architectural heritage, we look forward to more exciting projects that allow us to revive and celebrate the beauty of the past.

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